Banca Românească S.A. places a great importance to identify potential irregular practices of its employees in performing their activity, developing in this respect whistleblowing internal regulations, and also reporting channels to ensure the submission, in good faith, of the concerns of BROM staff and of third parties regarding the irregular acts and/or accounting and auditing practices that are inconsisent with international practices and legislation, and also on fraud, bribery and conflicts of interests, or on any violation of the combating and preventing of money laundering legislation are identified while performing the activity or during the collaboration with the Bank.

Any staff member or third party may submit these concerns to Compliance Divison, by using any of the following reporting channel:

  • by e-mail: to;
  • by letter, to Compliance Division - Str. Arhitect Ion Mincu nr. 3, Sector 1, 011356, București.

All the reports will be investigated by respecting confidentiality and protection of the whistleblowers.