The Board of Directors ensures the achievement of the bank's object of activity by establishing strategic actions and maintaining an adequate control framework within the bank. The Board of Directors acts within the limits of its competence and attributions provided within the Articles of Incorporation, as well as those granted by the General Meeting of Shareholders or established based on the legal and regulatory framework.

Name Position in BROM Board of Directors No. of consecutive mandates in BROM No. of management positions (including BROM)
1 Traian Sorin Halalai Chairman 1 1 executive
1 non-executive
2 Lidia Stan Deputy-Chairman 1 1 non-executive
3 Lucian Claudiu Anghel Member 1 1 executive
2 non-executive
4 Doru Bebe Bulată Member 1 3 non-executive
5 Cristi Marcel Spulbăr Member 1 1 non-executive

The Board of Directors' structure valid starting February 16, 2022.