Regulations and Principles


Organizational chart

In our bank, everyone has a very important role. You can consult here Banca Romaneasca organizational chart.

Ethics code

The Code of Ethics is setting out the core principles and rules of Banca Romaneasca.

Special Transactions

Transactions with persons having close links with Banca Romaneasca - the nature and expansion of these relations.

Internal Audit

A continuous process, meant to provide a reasonable assurance regarding the fulfilment of performance, informing and compliance objectives.

Remuneration policy

BROM has a remuneration policy which describes the general framework and basic principles for determining the remuneration and is aligned with the applicable labour legislation.

Code of ethics

Sets out the key ethical requirements and standards of conduct applying to persons who are involved in preparing, compiling and filing financial statements and other financial disclosures of the Bank.

Public Information

Here you can consult reports and financial data published by Banca Romaneasca.