The nature (a) and expansion (b) of transactions with persons having close links with Banca Romaneasca:

a) Includes:

  • exposure on mother bank as: deposits placed, nostro accounts balances, derivatives as FX forwards and interest rate swaps;
  • loans granted to entities where BROM has participations (part of the bank's own group);
  • the value of the shares owned by BROM in the bank's subsidiary;
  • loans granted to the persons having key execution functions in the bank;
  • BROM's participation in collective entities that are involved in the processing of the interbank payments, the reporting of the customers exposure and debt service performance at the level of the financial system;

b) The exposure on the group of persons having close links with BROM is in compliance with the limits set by NBR, having a level of 19.07% of the bank's own funds as of March 2011" (vs 25% regulatory limit).