Banca Românească supports togehter with real,- the event the "Credit card without secrets". The educational action takes place between 5 and 9 March 2013, in real,- comerccial centers from Bucureşti Vitan, Bacău, Braşov, Craiova, Sibiu and Târgu Mureş, when the bankţs representatives will present the characteristics, the benefits and the costs of a credit card to the customers entering real,- commercial centers.

During the action unfolded by Banca Românească in Galeriile real,-, the customers will be able to participate in the raffle launched in these locations, bz filling in some forms that will be collected between 25 February and 9 March.

Read the campaign regulations here.

*Attention: Art. 6. Electronic Draws and Prizes Awarding" of the Regulation has been amended and has the following name: Art. 6. Draws and Prizes Awarding