citim in iarba 3

For those who like reading a book in the middle of nature, the event organised on 25th of May 2014, in Herăstrău park, represented a perfect opportunity. Banca Românească was the main sponsor of the event "Citim în iarbă", organised by the Agency "Deci se poate" in partnership with the Association "Centrul Step by Step pentru Educaţie şi Dezvoltare Profesională (CEDP)", where hundreds of children had the occasion to take the example of the older ones and see that reading in family in the open is a pleasant way to spend a Sunday.

The event organisers prepared a program full of activities, such as changes of books, theatre plays for children, workshops and exhibitions or pleasant debates. At the same time, the representatives of the organisation Save the Children held discussions about the benefits of the open communication with children and about the interpretation they give to the stories and day-to-day experiences.

The little ones were fascinated about the read stories, a sign that reading still represents something valuable.

Banca Românească is thinking at the future of the children. Our employees are ready to counsel the parents anytime so that these could assure protection and financial comfort for their children.