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In May 2012, at Băneasa Shopping City people ran in the benefit of the infant mortality reduction program "Each child matters", unfolded by the Save the Children Romania organization. The marathoner Gabriel Solomon, member of Ro Club Maraton, ran 219,23 kilometers for 24 hours, being ranked 8th in the top of the best results in the world at similar races.

During the event "we run for children", there were two other trials:

  • Relay, while 12 amateur sportsmen organized a relay race so that they should run 24 hours. These were: Ştefan Oprina, Victor Vlad, Bogdan Agache, Florin Szomyu, Mihai Orleanu, Cirpian Bălănescu, Alex Diaconu, Florin Precup, Şerban Chiurlea, Andrei Gligor, Răzvan Staicu, Marian Chiriac.
  • King of Speed, 15-minute run race open to all participants that wished to contribute to Save the Children cause. Several known people supported this cause, such as Daciana Sârbu, Andi Moisescu, Amalia Năstase, Dana Războiu, Cristina Pocora, Dan Cruceru, Steven van Groningen, Valeria Racilă, Mircea Badea and Carmen Brumă.

For Banca Romaneasca, Adrian Solomone, one of Save the Children volunteers, ran 2,8 km in 15 minutes.

During the event, there were raised approximately 18.000 Euro from donations and sponsorships but, although the action came to an end, donations can still be made on the site