We would like to remind you that Banca Românească does not request, under any circumstances, from its own initiative, confidential information (username and password for accessing the Internet Banking service e-bancamea, your card number, its expiry date and PIN code etc.), in a direct way, by phone or by e-mail.

If you receive requests to submit personal information of the above mentioned types please do not respond to these requests and immediately contact the Bank, as is the case, at the phone number 021.305.95.85 or e-mail to ib@brom.ro (Internet Banking Helpdesk) or 021.304.81.00 (Cards Call Center).

If you notice any unusual behavior of the Internet Banking application e-bancamea, such as the displaying of a message announcing that the application is unavailable and requiring a new login or an additional token code, please do not take any action, close the browser and contact the Bank.