Thus, in its branches, the bank makes available to the customers a service through which a preliminary evaluation is made, following to be communicated the maximum eligible amount. This preliminary evaluation is made based on the identity documents and taking into consideration only the customer's statement regarding his/her income and the work place. No other document is requested in this analysis phase, allowing in this way the customers to get information about the bank's products fast.

The maximum amount and the customer's eligibility are guaranteed by Banca Românească, provided that the information in the documents presented subsequently, but also the criteria based on which they were established should not have been modified.

This preliminary evaluation method takes into consideration all the elements needed in order to be able to communicate to a customer a result which is as precisely as possible. The response time to such a request is a few minutes and afterwards, the customers have maximum two weeks to provide the documents necessary to finalise the credit application.

"The simplified preliminary analysis comes to support our customers, that from now on have an extremely facile and fast solution to find out the way in which they can qualify for one of the bank's lending products. The launch of this service is part of the bank's strategy to put easy to access, transparent and competitive lending products at the customers' disposal"
, stated Dan Grigoriu, Head of Retail Products and Segments Division.