Be informed that starting 16th April 2015, a new version of the General Business Conditions (GBC) for individuals comes into force. The GBC for individuals represents the main document governing the Bank's relation with its customers and includes the main provisions which concern the administration of the current account and the business relation established between the Bank with its individual customers. For customers who opened their current account before 16th April 2016, the provisions of the October 2011 edition of the GBC and Terms and Conditions for current accounts will cease to apply, starting with 22nd June 2015.

The GBC for Individuals - April 2015 edition can be accessed here.

Starting 16th April 2015, the List of Interest rates for current accounts enters into force, a document which communicates the interest rates applied to individual current accounts, as well as the products packages offered to individual customers. Thus, the standard annual interest rates applied to transactional current accounts, payroll and pension current accounts become 0%. The document can be accessed here.

Also, starting 16th April 2015, a new version of the List of Commissions for individuals and the General Usage Conditions for Debit Cards issued to Individuals enters into force.