Dear customers,

We wish to thank you for selecting Banca Romaneasca SA - Member of National Bank of Greece and we assure you that we are here to support your projects by offering a high quality banking experience.

Starting 1st of September 2013, Banca Romaneasca will modify the list of commissions for retail operations performed by individuals through the branches of Banca Romaneasca or through "e-bancamea" application as follows:

Section Products/ Services In RON In FCY
Commissions for current account Commission for closing transactional current accounts with/without debit card access (accounts dedicated to loans are not included) RON 10 RON 10
Appointing an empowered person for the account RON 5 / empowered person RON 5 / empowered person
Cash operations Cash depositing (does not apply for amounts deposited for reimbursement of loan instalments) ≤ RON 500 RON 1 ≤ RON 500 equiv EUR 0,20
> RON 500 RON 2 > RON 500 equiv EUR 0,40
Cash deposit in metal coins (does not replace the commission for cash deposit) 1,50 % 1,50 %
Cash withdrawal from transactional accounts at bank's counter 0,5%, min RON 3,5 unchanged
Funds transfer based on paper payment orders Intra-banking outgoing payment from transactional accounts RON 0,50 EUR 0,10
Intra-banking outgoing payment from loan accounts 0 0
Inter-banking incoming payment ≤ RON 500 RON 2 ≤ 150 EUR 1 EUR
> RON 500 ≤ RON 50.000 RON 4 > EUR 150 ≤ EUR 10.000 EUR 1,50
> RON 50.000 RON 5 > EUR 10.000 EUR 2
Funds transfer through "e-bancamea" Intra-banking outgoing payment RON 0,35 EUR 0,10
Other operations "E-bancamea" monthly maintenance fee RON 2 RON 2
Issuing confirmations on request (loan related confirmations are commissioned according to provisions in loan contracts) RON 50 / letter RON 50 / letter
Providing documents from the archive RON 5 / page RON 5 / page

The discount applied in case of transactions performed through Internet Banking will be diminished from 40% to 30% as follows:

Products/ Services Commission
Inter-banking outgoing payment in IB 0,11% min RON 3,15- max RON 17,5
Inter-banking urgent outgoing payments RON 17,5
Inter-banking urgent outgoing payment performed through "Utility Payments" module RON 17,5

Commissions for payments performed from garnished accounts will be changed as follows:

Products/Services Commission
Outgoing payments related to execution of garnishment 0,20% min. RON 20- max. RON 40

The "Issuance of performance letters for customers" formulation will be replaced with "Issuance of banking reference letters for customers" and the current commission level in RON will be maintained:

Products/ Services Commission
Issuance of banking reference letters for customers RON 40

The list of commissions will be modified also as follows:

  • removal of incoming payment Intra-banking and incoming payment Inter-banking commissions from section D. Funds Transfers through"e-bancamea" payment orders, because these services are not applicable to "e-bancamea";
  • replace "Sending account statement by fax" formulation with "Sending duplicates of account statement by fax/ e-mail additionally at customer's request" and the corresponding commission "5 RON / statement" formulation with "5 RON / monthly statement"

In case of the operations performed through debit cards, starting 1st of September 2013, Banca Romaneasca SA- Member of National Bank of Greece will modify the level of commissions charged for the following services, as follows:

Commission type Card type VISA Electron VISA Classic VISA Gold
BROM ATM cash withdrawal fee •0,2% min RON 2 for VISA Electron Expenses• RON 0 for VISA Electron Payroll/Pensions • 0,2% min RON 2 • RON 0 for VISA Classic Individual Payroll • 0,2% min RON 2
BROM ATM balance inquiry RON 0,5 RON 0,5 RON 0,5
Other bank's ATM balance inquiry RON 1,5 RON 1,5 RON 1,5
FCY conversion fee 1% 1,5% 2%

The fore stated changes will be considered as accepted by you unless you inform the Bank in written about rejecting the new commissions latest by 31st of August 2013. Furthermore, in case you disagree with the modifications stated above, you have the right to request the dissolution of the current account and/ or debit card contract, immediately and free of charge.

For any questions or additional clarifications, we are at your disposal through the e-mail address or in our branches.

Yours truly,

Efsthatios Kouninis
Deputy General Manager Retail