The present levels of interest rates are applicable within a new promotion campaign with validity until 20.01.2012.

"The campaign for the Net Advance product is the result of the success registered since its launching in July 2011until the present moment. Net Advance represents a very advantageous savings method, appreciated by clients. We want to continue supporting the savings plans of our clients, by offering innovative and attractive formulas", stated Lakis Couninis, Executive Director Retail Unit within Banca Româneasca.

The clients interested in protecting their savings can choose the Net Advance deposit, in lei, euro or dollars. For lei deposits, the net interest rate offered at 30 days maturity is 6.40%, respectively 6,65% at 120 and 210 days.

The deposits in euro on 30, 120 and 210 days have net interest rates of 3,65%, 3,90% and 4,10% respectively. In parallel, for the deposits in dollars, for the savings with maturity at 30 days, the net interest rate is 3,40%, while for the maturities at 120 and 210 days, the net interest rate is 3,65% and 3,90%.

The minimum amount for making such a deposit is 500 RON, 150 euro and 150 dollars, for individuals and 1000 RON, 500 euro and 500 dollars, for legal entities.

The bank does not charge cash withdrawal fee for withdrawing the interest rate at the deposit making date and cash withdrawal fee for closing the deposit upon maturity. The deposits are guaranteed by the state, within the limit communicated by the Bank Deposit Guarantee Fund.