Banca Românească enters the factoring market and announces the launch of a promotional offer for the clients that will access this product between 22 July and 22 October 2013.

For the new product of the bank, the factoring fee will be zero and the financing interest rate and the granting fee will have promotional values.

"Factoring represents a financing product ideal for companies during this crisis period. The advantages that factoring brings to any company are the fast improvement of the liquidities through financing at request, the protection against the non-collection risk by insuring the debts, the improvement of the balance-sheet ratios and the creation of a functional chain between providers and clients. The launch of the factoring product is part of our strategy on 2013 and in order to reward our corporate clients we have a promotional offer for the domestic factoring with recourse between 22 July and 22 October 2013", stated Cosmin Călin, Corporate Executive Director in Banca Românească.

The value of the factoring limit will be analysed depending on the commercial relation to be financed by the bank and on the payment capacity of the final debtor, and the maturity of the factoring line is limited to 12 months. Banca Românească will finance maximum 80% of the value of the invoices assigned in its favour.

Factoring is a package of financial services adapted to the needs of circulating capital of a company, generated by the business related to the commercialization of products and/or the service provision with term payments in the relations with the clients, assuring the necessary liquidities and the development of the company's activity.

The domestic factoring with recourse involves the management, collection, protection against non-collection risk and the financing by the bank (factor) of the invoices generated by the commercial relations with the company's clients (debtors) from Romania.