Banca Românească, in partnership with Garanta Asigurări, part of National Bank of Greece Group, launched Junior Plus package, a product meant for the parents and children aged 1 - 17, that mixes the flexibility of a current account with an attractive interest rate with the protection offered by a life insurance with savings component.

The child's maximum age (the insured person and the beneficiary of the policy) at the maturity of the insurance policy cannot be older than 27 years, and the insurance period is minimum 10 years and maximum 26 years.

"Junior Plus package is dedicated to the persons that think to their children' future and take into consideration that a sum of money raised during childhood can be a big advantage for this at the beginning of his/her adult life - it can finance the opening of their own business or paying the advance for buying a house. Junior Plus package can be accessed by the child's parents or by the next of kin (brother, sister, uncle etc.)", stated Cristina Dinescu, Product Manager Sector Bancassurance Banca Românească.

Junior Plus package includes a current account with a variable interest rate of 3,8% per year and a pure endowment life insurance for children. To activate the package, the customer has to deposit a minimum amount of 100 lei. The payment of the insurance premiums will be very convenient for the customer, through an instruction given to the bank at the contract signing. As well, the customers have the possibility to set the insured amount starting from the insurance premium that they can afford and they can enjoy the flexibility in choosing the payment frequency that can be done monthly, quarterly, biannually or annually.

Moreover, Junior Plus pure endowment life insurance offers, besides protection through insurance, the certainty of constant saving of an amount of money through a financial effort divided on a longer period of time. The financial support is guaranteed even in the sad situation of permanent invalidity / decease, as a result of illness or accident, of the person that had concluded the child insurance. In this situation, Garanta Asigurări will take over the payment of the insurance premiums, so that, upon policy maturity, the insured person will receive the guaranteed insured amount.

The parents can obtain more information about how they can insure their children' financial future through Junior Plus package, from Banca Romaneasca representatives, that will be present between 30 May - 2 June at the Gifts Fair for children from Iris Titan Shopping Center in Bucharest, but also on Saturday, 1 June, in Tineretului Park from the capital, at the event "Academia de Joacă".

Don't forget that the children' benefits can be much larger if the adults' financial-banking knowledge is more complex. Through the presence of Banca Romaneasca consultants at the two events, the institution continues the public education regarding the benefits and the costs of the banking products, speaking on their customers' "language".