• The Convertible deposit, for deposits of minimum RON 20,000 or Euro/Dollar 5,000 , can be made for a maximum period of 2 years
  • Clients have the possibility of converting the deposit currency between RON, Euro and Dollars, capitalising the interest both upon conversion, as well as upon any extension
  • The interest rate is fixed for the entire deposit term and can reach up to 3.80%/year for deposits in Lei with a maturity of 2 years.

Banca Românească S.A., Member of National Bank of Greece Group, launches the Convertible deposit, for clients who want to convert the currency of their savings. This new savings product offers the possibility of converting the deposit currency between three currencies: Leu, Euro and Dollar.

"The Convertible deposit is a solution which enables clients to convert the initial currency of the set up deposit. Basically, the depositor may choose to convert the original currency of the savings account, and opt for another, more advantageous currency", declared Dan Grigoriu, Manager of the Banca Românească Retail Products and Services Division.

The product is designed for individuals, clients having cash assets of minimum 20,000 Lei or 5,000 Euro/Dollar; the Convertible deposit can be made for a maturity of maximum 2 years. In case of a deposit conversion within the first 30 days after set up, the client has an attractive interest bonus, of up to 2.70% for term deposits.

The interest rate is fixed for the entire deposit term, therefore future gains can be calculated right from the date the deposit is made. The interest can reach up to 3.80% for deposits made in RON for a period of 2 years. "The interest capitalisation option, both upon conversion and upon any extension, ensures additional gains, if the accrued interest is reinvested", said Dan Grigoriu.

The conversion is made at the standard exchange rate offered by Banca Românească, and the converted amount must be at least equal to the deposit principal after conversion. The interest rate applied to the deposit in the new currency is calculated depending on the number of deposit days between the conversion date (inclusively) and the initial deposit maturity date (exclusively).

Clients can open convertible deposits in one of the 115 Banca Românească branches, only with their Identity Card.