Banca Românească launches the FIT loan (, a product through which the clients can receive one of the largest amounts they can borrow with very low costs.

If you want to access the FIT loan, you don't have to pay analysis commission, you don't have to bring income certificate or other documents (in the case of employees/pensioners) and there are not needed real estate guarantees or to justify the loan destination.

The product can be also used for refinancing. The client receives the answer on the spot regarding the maximum amount that can be obtained (the maximum amount that can be obtained is based on an estimative calculation by using the information stated in the loan request; the answer does not represent the bank's final decision; the final financing decision will be communicated after the loan analysis).

The minimum amount that can be borrowed is 1.000 RON, the maximum amount is 110.000 RON, and the maximum period is 5 years, 10 years respectively, if there are refinanced loans granted before 28.10.2011.

Moreover, Banca Românească Facebook page visitors are invited to participate in the VII th International Fitness Convention (details on, and 5 of them can even receive double invitations at the event - details on

Ana Cernat, Deputy General Manager Banca Românească considers that the "new product, the FIT loan, completes the series of products and services launched even since 2016 through which the Bank puts at the clients' disposal simple and transparent financial products. For Banca Românească, it is very important that each client should know from the beginning the costs of the product that he/she intends to buy, so that he/she can use the financial resources efficiently".