Banca Românească launches the "Proclamation of Relaxed Loans", a range of products meant for lending and refinancing unsecured loans with an amount up to RON 110.000.

The individuals can also make use, besides refinancing, of an amount of money that they can use as they wish. The new products are granted in Lei, on maximum 10 years and the analysis fee is zero.

The maximum obtainable amount can be found out on the spot in any Banca Românească branch. There are accepted several types of income, such as salaries, pensions, incomes from liberal professions, copyrights, rents and no securities are required.

The interest rate is variable, ROBOR 3M + 5,50% per year if the customers opt for an account package and cash at least RON 2.000 monthly in the package related account.

Dan Grigoriu, Head of Retail Products and Segments Division in Banca Românească stated: "The costs simplicity and transparency are a priority for the bank. In all we do we want to give our customers the certainty that they have access to a good product, at an accessible price, with transparent conditions - these are also the reasons why we gathered this range of products under the name the "Proclamation of Relaxed Loans".

The Unsecured Relaxed Loan and the Relaxed Loan for Refinancing, promoted under the concept of the "Proclamation od Relaxed Loans", are available in all Banca Românească branches.