Banca Romaneasca clients can withdraw free of charge cash from any ATM in Romania if they have one of the new Current Account Packages. This benefit is offered no matter if the client cashes or not his/her salary in a Banca Romaneasca account or if they have minimum turnover through that current account.

The individuals can choose one of the 4 packages: FREE Package, FREE PLUS Package, WITHOUT FRONTIERS Package and WITHOUT FRONTIERS PLUS Package. Banca Romaneasca does not commission a series of activities related to the accounts of these packages, such as: cash withdrawals at ATMs, interbank receipts in LEI made through the account included in the package, issuance and management of the debit card included in the Package, monthly management of internet banking service, activation of SMS Alert service.

The packages include Standard Mastercard or World Mastercard contactless debit cards, products that have, in their turn, a series of Mastercard benefits.

Ana Cernat, Banca Romaneasca Deputy General Manager, considers that "the Account Packages offered today by Banca Romaneasca to the individuals are included in the series of products and services launched even since 2016 through which the Bank puts at the clients' disposal simple and transparent financial products. It is very important for us that each client should know from the beginning for what services he/she pays and should choose to use his/her money as considered proper, not limited by restrictions that are not related to his/her banking client profile".