Funding and lending facilities


European funds

Do you aim to develop the business using European funds? We have a package of products meant for financing projects benefiting of European funds!

De minimis scheme

We have launched a dedicated lending product for the companies running projects within the de minimis aid scheme!

Working Capital Financing

You can choose one of the credit lines made ​​available to your company.

Investment Financing

Loans for medium and long-term investments and short-term loans are available to you.

Credit line - SME Loans Guaranteeing Program

Banca Romaneasca has signed with FNGCIMM SA IFN the Collaboration Convention - Program GEO 92/2013 and has launched a dedicated lending product!

APIA term loan

Banca Romaneasca has signed with APIA and FGCR the Framework agreements for financing the working capital of the beneficiaries of Measure 215 - "State-aid program to achieve voluntary welfare of poultry/pigs".

Client-oriented commitments

We offer a range of bank guarantee documents and guarantee of the obligations, import or stand-by letters of credit.

Other financing services

1. Multi-purpose line

2. Limit to cover possible losses

3. Pre-settlement risk line