Banca Romaneasca has signed with APIA and FGCR the Framework agreements for financing the working capital of the beneficiaries of Measure 215 - "State-aid program to achieve voluntary welfare of poultry/pigs"

  • The loan can be granted to legal entities that own, breed or exploit poultry/pigs for the purpose of obtaining agricultural production, that have the necessary sanitary and veterinary authorizations and permits and voluntarily commit to poultry/pigs welfare
  • purpose: Financing working capital, including payments to State budged and the other budgets
  • the loan amount: maximum 90% from the value mentioned in each certificate;
  • lending period: Until the collection from APIA of the State aid for the realization of voluntary animal welfare commitments for poultry/pigs, maximum 31.12.2014
  • collaterals: movable mortgage over the receivables to be collected from APIA, FGCR guarantee in case of SME clients (up to 80% from the loan value) and other collaterals accepted by the bank