Mastercard Business attached to a RON account is destined to any company interested in providing to their representatives a fast and secure way to pay for company's expenses.


  • card issuing;
  • for payments to off-line and on- line shops;
  • for PIN change on bank's ATM;

Fees and commissions for debit cards - legal entities are available here.


  • 5 years validity;
  • unlimited number of supplementary cards;


  • your Contactless Mastercard Business allows you to pay fast and easy: simply touch the reader with your Contactless card; there is no need to enter your PIN for small value transactions;
  • your card is ready to use as soon as you set the PIN code and activate it on bank's ATM;


  • Mastercard SecureCode - the card is automatically enrolled in Mastercard SecureCode™; your pay safer your on-line shopping in just 3 steps:
    1. initiate the on-line payment;
    2. input the unique security code received by SMS (valid only for the 3D Secure enrolled on-line shops);
    3. confirm the transaction.

    If there is no valid mobile phone number registered with the bank, please contact Infoline for Customer Service by dialling + 40 21.304.81.00 (24h, 7 days/week), to update the information!

  • activate SMS Alert optional service to receive real time alerts on your mobile phone, on authorized card transactions (payments and cash withdrawal);



  • if you are abroad and your card was lost/stolen/damaged, we offer you emergency services:
    - emergency cash advance: cash is provided upon your specific request (min USD 100);
    - virtual payment concierge: instead of receiving the replacement card or cash, a one-time "card not present" transaction is coordinated with the merchant (merchant categories: hotels, restaurants, car rental, medical services)
    - lost/stolen report: if your card was lost or stolen, urgently contact us to report the event; this way you will not be held responsible for any unothorized card transaction;

All emergency services mentioned above are available 24h, 7 days/week by dialling + 40 21.304.81.00.