Cash collection

If you have several shops and your cashing needs concentrated in your account, the bank can ensure the cash collection and transport from the locations indicated by you to the Bank. The collection can be done non-stop depending on your functioning schedule, including during non-banking days (holydays or weekend) based on a specific transport program previously agreed.

The bank ensures collection at national level through agreed transporters.

Collection of utilities invoices

Are you a service provider or invoices issuer? Now you can join the service providers such as Cosmote, Romtelecom, Baia Mare Vital Aquaserv Tulcea, that decided to cash in a centralized way invoices without expanding their network of agents cashiers or collectors. So, your paying subscribers will be able to pay bills directly in the collector account, through several channels provided by the bank: bank counters, ATMs, Direct Debit, Internet Banking.

Collection of receivables through Intrabank Direct Debit

It is an automatic collection method for your receivables, at maturity, directly from the paying clients' account. Based on the DD instructions file received from the Collector, the bank debits the payers' accounts with the amounts from the electronic file.