Banca Romaneasca clients have the possibility to initiate from the accounts opened with Banca Romaneasca payments in lei and foreign currency to their partners. The payments may be Intra-banking (to accounts opened in Banca Romaneasca) or Inter-banking (to other banks in Romania or abroad). The payments can be made in lei and/or in foreign currency. Banca Romaneasca client can initiate the payment by using:

  • payment orders on paper presented at the bank's counters;
  • electronic payment orders through Internet Banking Application, e-bancamea;

Internal payments

Through the agency of Banca Romaneasca, you can perform ROL and foreign currency transactions, with very low bank commissions.


Payment operations are carried out by using the proper instruments, whose defraying circuit and terms are regulated by the National Bank of Romania: cheque, payment order, bill of exchange, promissory note.

External payments

Using the instruments we offer, you will be able to perform fastly foreign currency transfers.


Knowing the Romanian currency system is requisite (Currency Rules 3/1997 of the National Bank of Romania), even if the banks ensure currency control. According to the currency operation type, your relation with the bank is much smoother if you are well informed about the participation in the currency market, about the required authorisations and about how to fill out the External Foreign Currency Payment Order or the Application for the Initiation of the Letter of credit.

In certain cases, some payment methods and instruments can stand for the short or medium-term financial aid intended for importers. Banca Romaneasca, by its specialised units within the Head Office, as well as by the officers appointed at branch level (relations managers), will keep you informed about the opportunities and possibilities offered for you to obtain financial aid.