1. Articles and Memorandum of Association, with the latest amendments.
  2. The Court Decision on the incorporation of the company.
  3. Incorporation Certificate.
  4. Unique Registration Code.
  5. Ascertain certificate lenght by 30 days.
  6. Excerpt from the Minutes of the Shareholders General Meeting on the nominal approval of the company management and the limits of their powers.
  7. The form bearing inscription of the specimen signatures of the persons authorised to order current account operations, as well as the company seal, photocopies of identity cards of the authorised persons.
  8. Current account opening application
  9. Client registration form
  10. Empowerment for Trade Registry
  11. Check list
  12. Guarantee fund statement
  13. SME statement
  14. Unsecured deposit list
  15. Account closing application

Upon account opening, the customer will receive the General Business Conditions and the Terms and conditions for current account.