1. Fixed term deposits

The varied range of deposits allows you to choose, as considered the most advantageous:

  • deposits with standard or negotiated interest rate
  • fixed, variable or variable + bonus interest rate
  • deposits with interest capitalisation, or without interest capitalisation
  • deposits with different terms: 7, 14, 21, 30,60,90, 180,270, 360 days
  • deposits with interest paid monthly or upon maturity.

2. Overnight Deposits

For amounts that exceed a certain limit and only for one banking day, Banca Romaneasca offers the possibility to fruitfully use an attractive interest rate through Overnight deposits. The interest rate for overnight deposits can be standard or negotiated.


  • Wide ranging of deposit terms;
  • Flexibility in negotiating the interest rate applied for large amounts.
  • Easily saving minimum amounts required for deposits;
  • Possibility to have two authorized persons for each deposit account at the date when the deposit is made or later;
  • Implicit extension of the deposit by the bank for the same amount and terms as the initial deposit, in the event that the client fails to be present there on the maturity date.