About us

NBG Factoring Romania IFN S.A. is a dedicated organization that targets the business needs for factoring in Romania.

About factoring

Domestic Recourse Factoring involves management and finance of healthy receivables generated between Romanian companies, having as advantages the fast improvement of a company's cash-flow, all-inclusive administration of invoices, dedicated relationship management, efficient process for collection of receivables, reduced bad debt, customized management reports and financing with no collaterals required.


  • Discounting immediately the larger portion of the value of clients' receivables,
  • Managing assigned receivables, reducing operating costs, close monitoring and reporting,
  • Assessing clients' credit ratings, thereby reducing risk of bad debt,
  • Improvement of balance sheet indicators.

What is the cost of factoring?

Administration Fee: charged on the total value of each invoice and meets the administrative, collection and risk rating/cover costs of the services provided.

Interest Fee: calculated on the overdraft account balance, on a daily basis and corresponds to the discounting rate charged on the outstanding balance, at any time, of the cash advances (discounted receivables).