Pre-financing loan

  • Its purpose is partial or full pre-financing of the grant related to the projects that benefit of European funds. It is granted in RON and the length of the lending period is established function of the project's execution period and the grant collection terms.

Investment loan

  • The purpose of this loan is co-financing projects benefiting of European funds. It is granted in RON for up to 10 years, correlated with the client's repayment capacity and the lifespan of the assets acquired.

VAT loan

  • RON loan destined for financing up to 100% from the VAT afferent to eligible and non-eligible expenses related to the investment projects benefiting of European funds.

Credit line

  • Financing the current activity of companied that implemented projects that benefited of European funds. RON revolving loan granted for maximum 12 months.
  • The revolving character gives it an increased flexibility, the line being rounded off once the reimbursements are made, the funds being possible to be used again without going again through the approval process as for a new loan. The interest rate is calculated to the used balance of the line, the client being possible to reimburse during the periods with cash excess in order to decrease the expenses with the interest rates.

Advance Repayment Bond related to the advance collected from the grant

  • Guarantees the repayment of the advance paid from the grant in case the client that benefits of European funds does not fulfill the obligations undertaken. It is issued in RON.

Comfort letter

  • Proves the co-financing capacity of the client, at the issuance moment, based on the information and documents supplied by the client.