Credit line

  • A short-term revolving credit (max. 12 months) intended for the financing of the current activity financing of the SMEs. The main advantage is covering the cash fluctuations, the company being able to use the available funds from the credit until stocks sale / services provision and cashing receivables, and making available to the company the working capital necessary for the business development.
  • The revolving character gives it an increased flexibility, the line being rounded off once the reimbursements are made, the funds being possible to be used again without going again through the approval process as for a new loan. The interest rate is calculated to the used balance of the line, the client being possible to reimburse during the periods with cash excess in order to decrease the expenses with the interest rates. The credit line is granted in lei or foreign currency, the pricing conditions depending both on the applicant's financial situation and on the guarantees offered by this.

*"EURO credit" credit line; (not applied to SBB)

Treasury Loan

  • Is a short and very short-term loan intended to cover the unexpected cash deficit generated by the failure to correlate cashing with payments.
  • The main advantages are: the conversion of receivables at term in cash, generating continuity in the company's activity, reduced application documentation, rapidity in solving the received requests and simple guarantee structure (e.g. assignment of cashing according to invoices / warrant of promissory notes).
  • The lending decision and the pricing conditions are influenced both by the applicant's financial situation and by the quality of the assigned payers.
  • The loan is usually granted in the foreign currency in which the assigned receivables are cashed.

Treasury Line

  • Is a short-term revolving loan based on which financing can be granted within the set limit and during a preset period, based on the documents to be cashed presented by the client (invoiced, promissory notes, etc).
  • The loan is rounded off while the reimbursements are made from cashing the assigned receivables.
  • The advantages of this loan are the conversion of the term receivables in immediate cash, generating the working capital necessary to continue and develop the activity, the simple and fast use manner, allowing covering the unexpected cash deficits and the flexible guarantees structure.

Working limit for leasing activity financing

  • Is a product exclusively dedicated to leasing companies in order to finance the contracts concluded by these with the final users, but also to refinance the loans contracted by the leasing companies from other banks / refinancing the leasing contracts financed from own sources.
  • The loan is used during maximum 12 months (use period), each drawing being granted on maximum 60 months since drawing.
  • This products brings 2 options: revolving and non-revolving, the difference between them being that the reimbursements made during the use period do not round off the limit in the case of the non-revolving variant.
  • The advantage of this product is that it makes available to the leasing companies the working capital necessary for the activity development.

Object related loan

  • Is a non-revolving short-term loan intended to finance some punctual needs related to the current activity or some small proportions investments (e.g. equipment acquisition).
  • Its advantages are generated by the financing of the working capital necessary to activity development / to increase the company competitiveness through investments financing, as well as by the flexibility of the reimbursement manner, that can be structured to be correlated with the evolution of the company's cash flow.