Financing the export activity

Main advantages in financing the export activity

  • discounting guaranteed trade bills
  • discounting export letters of credit

Tips for the beneficiary (Exporter):

  • If you have liquidity problems, as alternative to traditional financing
  • Need to improve financials
  • Developing activity in countries with high risk
  • Wish to be more competitive on the market

Tips for applicant (Importer):

  • Necessity of a bigger loan/or a better price from the seller
  • Necessity to improve financials


  • Discount to beneficiary
  • Competitive discount fees on certain markets
  • Guarantee of the cash flow
  • Improving financials
  • Eliminating country / bank risk
  • Increasing the competitive advantage that offers the clients an extended loan, making the products more attractive
  • Significant decrease of operation costs
  • Simplicity of transaction and of documentation handling