Documentary letters of credit (import/export)

Advantages for Exporter/Seller

  • The letters of credit open the doors of the international commerce, offering a secure payment mechanism and the fulfilment of the contractual obligations.
  • A bank replaces the buyer as payment source for the exported goods or services.
  • The issuing bank undertakes to male the payment, provided all conditions stipulated in the letter of credit to be concordant.
  • Financing opportunities, such as pre-sending financing guaranteed with a letter of credit and/or discounting the bills of exchange accepted and drawn based on the letters of credit, are available in several countries.
  • The bank has the necessary expertise to support the successful finalisation of the commercial transactions.
  • The payment for sent goods can be remitted to your bank or to a bank of your choice.

Advantages for Importer/Buyer

  • The payment will be made to the seller only when the terms and conditions of the letter of credit are met.
  • The importer can control the sending data for the acquired goods.
  • The cash resources are not blocked.

Stand-by letters of credit


  • Independent instrument (from Contract)
  • Documentary Credit
  • It can be confirmed (by a third bank)
  • It can be transferred (to a secondary beneficiary)
  • Requested by the banks in SUA (the letters of guarantee are not accepted)
  • It insures the Exporter against the risk of incorrectness or insolvability of the counter party (Importer) and guarantees that the payment will be made based on a written payment request
  • It allows to the proxies / agents to execute (to make) the terms of the commercial contract through the transfer of the Stand By letter of credit
  • It allows the Exporter to guarantee the transaction by requesting the confirmation of the Stand By letter of credit by a third bank
  • The simplicity of the documentation requested in order to make the transaction
  • International bank guarantees
  • Trade bill guarantee