Financial safety and protection for you and your family!

Choose the "Credit Prudent" package created by Banca Românească in collaboration with Garanta Asigurări and you will enjoy the safety and the comfort of a complete insurance product throughout the loan period, which covers:

  • the monthly installments payment in case of involuntary loss of employment or of total or temporary invalidity, giving you a break to focus on resolving the situation occurred.
  • the outstanding balance of your loan, in the unfortunate case of decease, protecting your family from any financial stress.


  • The insured amount is updated to the remaining outstanding value of the loan so that the value of the insurance premium reflects the updated insurance need,
  • Easy and flexible payment method of the insurance premiums through direct debit,
  • You choose the payment frequency of the insurance premiums, which can be: monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly,
  • Simplified risk evaluation process,
  • The update of the insured amounts does not imply medical reevaluation.