Cards security

At Banca Romanească S.A. we are committed to making your banking experience as safe as possible. We use the latest security measures to protect your money, your personal data and the confidentiality of your transactions.

Stay safe

Criminals are particularly keen on getting the PINs connected with your debit and credit cards:

  • Whenever you enter your PIN details in a public place, you should always be vigilant.
  • Always keep your card out of sight and in a safe place.
  • Never let anyone else use your card.
  • Never tell anyone your PIN - not even your family, the bank or the police - and never write it down anywhere.
  • When you receive a new PIN, memorise it straightaway and immediately destroy the slip.

Card security for your Banca Românească credit and debit cards

We make every effort to protect you and your cards against fraud. You are protected by:

  • Chip & PIN Technology.
  • Effective Fraud Detection System.
  • Immediate Assistance.

1. Chip and PIN technology

Banca Românească newly issued credit and debit cards use the Chip and PIN technology.

The cards carry a chip, identified by the gold pad on the front left.

The chip is actually the microchip that is embedded in your debit or credit card. It holds your personal details (for example, name and card number and expiry date) and provides additional security features.

The Chip and PIN technology checks the PIN you entered in the keypad of an ATM or of a POS against the PIN stored in the bank's system and against the one held on the chip. This is used to verify your identity instead of checking a signature on a receipt. Some merchants may still ask for your signature, although it is not necessary.

When you get your Banca Românească card, your PIN will follow in a different envelope or you may personally get it from your favourite branch. You'll have the option to change your PIN to one you find easier to remember, thereafter, on a Banca Românească ATM.

You can withdraw cash using your card and PIN at any cash machine in Romania and abroad which displays the MasterCard®, Visa or Visa Electron symbols appropriate to your card.

This is the more secure way to pay. It combines the latest chip card technology with your personal 4 digit PIN.

Chip and PIN technology has been proven to cut credit and debit card fraud, by making card payments even more secure. Instead of signing a paper receipt, you enter a four digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) in the same way as using an ATM.

2. Effective Fraud Detection System

Our effective fraud detection system reports any unusual activity on your Banca Românească payment cards, ensuring that your money is not being used without your permission.

The movements in your accounts are monitored in real time in order to inform you as soon as possible about any activity / suspicious fraudulent spending.

Sometimes, we may see unusual spending patterns that look like a fraudulent transaction on your credit card or debit card. We react by taking the following measures:

  • We contact the cardholders in order to establish transaction authenticity;
  • Your card / account may be temporarily blocked until we are able to contact you in order to confirm the analysed unusual transactions;
  • We send SMS messages (Short Message System) to inform you about unusual spending.

In order to optimize our Fraud Detection System, please update your contact details through your preferred branch or by contacting Banca Românească Infoline for Customer Service.

Our Fraud Detection System is just another way we're working to keep your card and your money safe.

3. Immediate Assistance

If your card is lost or stolen or likely to be misused, either at home abroad, we provide 24-hour worldwide assistance.

You can contact us immediately on 021.304.8100 in Romania or from abroad and our Infoline for Customer Service officers will immediately cancel your card(s) and the Bank will issue new ones.

Banca Românească Infoline for Customer Service is available 24 hours / 7 days / week.

Security Considerations for ATM / POS transactions

The following crime prevention tips can help make the use of ATMs safer for everyone

  • Walk purposefully and with confidence. Criminals tend to avoid people who have this type of demeanour.
  • Be aware of your total environment and of what is going on around you.
  • Perform mental exercises and think out what you would do in different crime or personal security situations. Remember that your personal safety is the first priority.

Fraud Considerations

  • Memorize the Personal Identification Number (PIN) of your card. Do not write it down. Do not keep it in your wallet or purse.
  • After you memorize the PIN, destroy the envelope containing the PIN received from the bank.
  • Do not tell anyone else your PIN! ANYONE!! Not even to bank employees, police officers etc.
  • Do not reveal specific identifying information (card number, expiration date, name, etc.) to others (including bank employees, the police, etc.).
  • Shield the ATM / POS keypad from anyone who may be standing or parked nearby or anyone crowding you in an attempt to view your PIN and/or transaction. Use your body as a shield if necessary while you enter the PIN.
  • Make sure you retain your ATM / POS transaction receipt.
  • Do not throw the ATM receipt away at the ATM site.
  • Sign the card back in the box reserved for this purpose, when it is received, using a pen with paste.
  • Never write the PIN on the back of the card.
  • Do not enter the PIN on Internet sites.
  • Do not disclose the PIN on the telephone.
  • Do not ever answer messages received via SMS / e-mail requesting for your personal data (card number, card expiration date, PIN, personal ID/CNP).
  • Do not use other people's ATM cards. Do not let other people use your ATM cards. Treat the cards as if they were cash.
  • Notify card theft or loss immediately to Infoline for Customer Service telephone number 021.304.8100 available 24/24 hours or e-mail:

Considerations Prior to and During Transactions

  • Always watch for suspicious persons or activity around an ATM.
  • Do not accept any "kind" help from people when you withdraw cash from ATM. Ask only the Bank for help.
  • If you notice anything strange, leave and return some other time. Even if you have already started a transaction, cancel it and leave.
  • Prepare all transaction paperwork prior to your arrival at the ATM site. This will minimize the amount of time spent at the ATM.
  • Maintain an awareness of your surroundings throughout the entire transaction. Do not become so involved with your transaction that you are not aware of changing conditions in the area.
  • Do not wear expensive jewellery or take other valuables to the ATM. This is an added incentive to an assailant.
  • If you get cash - put it away right immediately. Do not stand at the ATM and count it.
  • During evening hours consider taking a companion along, park close to the ATM in a well lighted area and lock your car. If the lights around the ATM are not working properly, do not use it.
  • When leaving an ATM location make sure you are not being followed. If you are being followed, drive immediately to a police, fire station, crowded area, well-lighted location or open business. Flash your lights and sound your horn to bring attention to your situation.
  • If you are involved in a confrontation and the attacker is armed with a weapon and demands your money or valuables, GIVE IT TO THE SUSPECT. Do not resist, property may be recovered later or replaced.

As far as your security is concerned, you can never be too careful, too prepared or too aware. The objective is that everyone is correctly informed and secure.

You can help by sharing this information with your family and friends.

Call the number on the back of payment cards for any suspicion that you have concerning the use of your cards at ATM / POS.