You can have a Mastercard Gold if all the conditions below are met:

  • Romanian citizen with residence in Romania receiving your income in Romania (or income from the activity carried out as a sailor and/or from this type of activity)
  • Age: between 24 and 70
  • the overall income per application must be multiple of 600 RON, proportional with the number of family members, but not less than 3000 RON

  • Employed with minimum working experience at current employer of 3 months.

Other additional income categories are also accepted. In order to find which are the accepted additional income categories consult a sales representative from any of our branches!

NEW!!! You can have a Mastercard Gold independent of the above criteria if you open a cash collateral deposit.

Which are the credit limits?

  • Minimum credit limit: 6.000 Lei / 4.000 lei in case of credit cards with cash collateral
  • Maximum credit limit: 75.000 Lei / / 100.000 lei in case of credit cards with cash collateral

Enjoy repayment flexibility, a large acceptance network, immediate access to cash through the ATM network, Customer Support service available and much more!

Find out more information about the credit card offered by Banca Românească by calling Infoline for Customer Service available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day:+4021.304.81.00.