Cost type Standard Costs (RON)
Issuance cost, charged at the activation date of the newly issued Card Main: 0
Additional: 0
Annual cost, charged at the activation date of the newly issued Card and every year at anniversary Main: 45
Annual Fee zero for credit cards with purchases of minimum 12.000 Lei value performed in the previous 12 months before posting the fee. The cost reduction is applied starting the second year from issuing.
Additional: 0
Interest rate for card transactions performed at merchants and for the Cards costs 22.75%
Interest rate for ATM/POS card cash withdrawal transactions 25.75%
Card blocking cost in case of loss/theft/fraud suspicion/ temporarily Main: 0
Additional: 0
Card replacement cost in case of loss/theft/fraud suspicion/ name changed at the issuance of the newly card Main: 15
Additional: 15
Damaged Card replacement Cost Main: 0
Additional: 0
Cost for the issuance of the monthly statement/ view option activation of the credit card statement through Internet Banking, at client request 0
ATMs BROM utilization cost for cash withdrawal 0
Other banks' ATM/POS utilization cost for cash withdrawal National: 0
International: 0
Cost for purchase transactions at merchants: National: 0
International: 0
Cost for emergency card replacement: National: 15
Cost for card recovery National: 15
International: 15-160 EUR, according to the price charged by the Organization under which logo the card is issued
Penalty for unjustified charge-back 60
ATMs BROM PIN change cost 2,5
PIN reissue cost, charged at the moment of the new PIN issuance 5
ATMs BROM balance enquiry cost 1
ATMs BROM mini- statement cost 1
Marja Conversie Valutara 2%
Penalty for the unauthorized exceeding of the Credit Limit 5% of the over limit amount
Transaction daily limits national/ international Cash withdrawal: 2500
Purchases at merchants: Up to the available balance
Installment plan activation cost Payments directly at POS or on the internet: 0 RON
By calling Customers Assistance service:
Maximum number of installments Installment plan activation cost*
3 0%
6 0%
12 0%
24 24%
*The activation cost for the installment plans applies to the overall transaction amount.
Installment plan cancelation cost 20
SMS Alert Service 3 Lei / month
SMS Alert cancelation cost 0

Rough calculation example, considering the entire use of a 5,367 lei credit card limit and a 12 month reimbursement period:

Transaction type Variable interest* Annual fee APR* Total payment amount
Purchases IRCC (1.17%) + margin (21.58%) = 22.75% 45 lei 25.28% 6,051,13 lei
Cash withdrawals IRCC (1.17%) + margin (24.58%) = 25.75% 29.02% 6,144,70 lei

*Both annual interest rate and effective annual interest rate is based on the IRCC as of 2021, December 31 and it is quarterly adjusted. The values of the reference index are available on Banca Romaneasca website.