• You may use your credit card for purchases performed at merchants or on internet, and also for cash withdrawals.
  • The minimum due amount is 5% of the utilized credit line (including monthly installments), plus fees and interest, but not less than 20 RON and not more than the total due amount.The minimum due amount has to be paid until the due date mentioned in the monthly credit card statement.

  • In order for you to benefit of grace period on purchase transactions, you must pay back the minimum payment amount until the due date and the total due amount until the end of the month following the one when purchase transactions were performed.

  • The monthly statement is delivered to you FREE OF CHARGE on your e- mail , on Internet Banking, at the branch or by Post.

  • Request a mini-statement including the last 10 transactions at any BROM ATM.

  • Each month you will receive a free SMS with information related to the minimum payment amount and the due date.

Payment methods

  • cash payments at any Banca Romaneasca branch
  • banking transfer
  • using the ATMs of the bank through money transfer from the debit card current account in the MasterCard Standard credit card account
  • using the Internet Banking facility, through electronic payment order
  • using the auto-debit facility. Open a current account which will be automatically debited at the due date with the minimum amount or with the total amount to be reimbursed depending on your option.

You can receive your monthly credit card statement on e- mail FREE OF CHARGE! FREE, FAST and SAFE! All you have to do is to activate the option by calling Infoline for Customer Service: 021 304.81.00.

The statement is also available on your Internet Banking application.

You do not have Internet Banking? We invite you to visit us in any of our branches and you can obtain it on the spot.