Use the Shopping Smart Card and enjoy Smart Installments free of interest!

How can one benefit of installments when shopping?

  1. You can choose free of interest payments with installments at merchants signaled with the logo "Mastercard - Payment with installments" when shopping, for purchases in amount of minimum 200 Lei.
  2. You can request by phone an installment plan or activate the automatic service of payment with installments free of for purchases of minimum 150 lei, from the country or abroad (including on-line payments).*

Choose what suits you - free of interest installments at POS or installments by the phone!

1. You can benefit of installments directly at the merchant, when shopping, in shops signaled with the logo "Mastercard - Plata în rate".

You can choose an installment plan, free of interest and with zero activation costs, from a predefined installment scheme set by the Bank and based on the merchant category:

Merchant category Minim Maxim
Supermarket/hypermarket 3 6
Clothing/footwear/ sport articles/accessories 3 6
Hotel services 3 6
Medical services 3 6
Cosmetics 2 3
Medical optics 2 3
Acquisition of auto and motor accessories 3 6
Jewelry and watches 3 6
Plane tickets / air companies / tourism agencies 3 6
Construction materials / hardware / furniture 6 12
Electronics and appliances / IT products 6 12

If you do not have the Shopping Smart Card from Banca Romaneasca and you want to buy with installments free of interest, apply here.

2. Besides paying with installments directly in shops, you can request the activation of the installment plans by calling the Customer Assistance Service at 021.304.81.00. There are two possibilities:

  • manual - through which you choose the transaction for which you want reimbursement with installment. Thus, you must call each time the Customer Assistance Service at 021.304.81.00 after the registration of the shopping in the credit card account so that the Bank's representative should activate the wanted installment plan. With only one call you can activate more installment plans for your purchases.

  • automated - it gives you the possibility to activate the service before making the buy transaction. At spend amount of minimum 150 lei, the Bank will apply the appropriate Installment Plan. You can always call the Customer Assistance Service at 021.304.81.00 in order to cancel this service.*

The number of available installments by calling the Customer Assistance Service is:

Shopping value Manual Automated
Between 150* - 799 lei 3 installments 3 installments
Between 800 - 1.999 lei 3 or 6 installments 6 installments
Between 2.000 - 4.999 lei 3 or 6 or 12 installments 12 installments
Over 5.000 lei 3 or 6 or 12 or 24 installments 12 installments

* Promotional offer until 31 March 2022

The activation cost of the Installments Plan applies to the value of the initial transaction and it is included in the value of the monthly installment, as follows:

Installments Plan Manual Automated
3/6/12 0% 0%
24 24% Not applicable

At any moment, you have the possibility to cancel an installment plan. The applied cost is 20 lei for one canceled plan.

The conditions for the manual activation of the installments plan are:

  • The value of the shopping to be at least 150* lei
  • Zero overdue amounts at the requestdate

  • The credit card is not blocked or closed at the request date

  • The request of installment plan was placed no later than the issuance of statement account, preceding shopping date

  • The buy transaction is not fully reimbursed

  • The transaction value and the total value of the activation fee of installment plan do not exceed the value of the credit limit

Useful information!

  • The payment installment does not apply to cash withdrawals.
  • Check your monthly statement account for minimum payment amount, the value of monthly installment and number of remaining installment plans of each transaction
  • You can cancel anytime an installment plan by calling Customer Assistance Service
  • Cancelled installment plans CANNOT be reactivated
  • If you choosed the automated installment plans you cannot set a manual installment plan
  • You can benefit of installment plans (directly at the merchant or by calling Customer Assistance Service at 021.304.81.00).