• Infoline for Customer Service +40 21.304.81.00: 24 hrs - 7 days/week;
  • Cards assistance - services available:
Description Call centre Branch ATM
Activation/ cancelation of SMS Alert service * *
Lost/ stolen card blocking and replacement (including fraud suspicion cases) * *
Card replacement (if deteriorated / name modification) *
PIN password re-issue * *
PIN password modification *
PIN reset *
Card temporary blocking / unblocking *
Card unblocking in the event of wrong PIN password typing * *
Activation/ de-activation option for internet transactions/ payments functionality * *
Demographic data update *
Mini-statement with 10 most recent transactions *
Change of transactional limits / Change of current account with access through debit card *
Account inquiry * *
Transaction inquiry (info about posted transactions in the account, authorized or unauthorized) * *
Information about card functionalities or card benefits * *
Card renewal before expiry *
Card closing *
  • Emergency services available during travelling abroad:

If you are abroad and your card was lost/stolen/damaged, we offer you emergency services:

- emergency cash advance: cash is provided upon your specific request (min USD 100);
- emergency card replacement: upon your request, a replacement card is delivered quickly to you, to use it for POS payments;
- virtual payment concierge: a one-time "card not present" transaction is coordinated with the merchant (merchant categories: hotels, restaurants, car rental, medical services);
- lost/stolen report: if your card was lost or stolen, urgently contact us to report the event; this way you will not be held responsible for any unothorized card transaction;

Emergency services are available 24h, 7 days/week by dialling + 40 21.304.81.00.

Lost/stolen report 35 EUR 35 EUR
Emergency cash advance 100 EUR 100 EUR
Emergency card replacement 150 EUR 150 EUR
Virtual Payment Concierge 130 EUR 130 EUR

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