World MasterCard attached to your RON account is destined to our Select customers and to those looking for a premium card and a privileged position towards merchants and locations worldwide.


  • card issuing;
  • monthly fee for SMS Alert;
  • for payments to off-line and on- line shops;
  • for transfer between own accounts using bank's ATM;
  • for PIN change on bank's ATM;

On top of that, if the card is part of Fara Frontiere or Fara Frontiere Plus, you have extra-benefits:

  • 0 RON cash withdrawal commission from any ATM in Romania or UE;
  • 0 RON debit card maintenance fee.

Fees and commissions for debit cards - individuals are available here.


  • 5 years validity;
  • up to 5 supplementary cards;


  • your Standard MasterCard Contactless allows you to pay fast and easy: simply touch the reader with your Contactless card; there is no need to enter your PIN for transactions under 100 Ron;
  • your card is ready to use as soon as you set the PIN code and activate it on bank's ATM;


  • thanks to new technologies incorporated:
    Contactless - the card stays with you all the time as you hold the card while touching the card reader to pay;

    Your card is automatically enrolled in Mastercard SecureCode™ service so that you can pay on-line under safety conditions.

    For enhanced security, download free of charge from Google Play or App Store the biometrical authentication application - BROM Pay, through which you can authorize transactions made on the Internet. See the use manual here.

    If there is no valid mobile phone number registered with the bank, please contact Infoline for Customer Service by dialling
    + 40 21.304.81.00 (24h, 7 days/week), to update the information!

  • activate SMS Alert optional service to receive real time alerts on your mobile phone, on card transactions authorized by you (payments and cash withdrawal);



  • if you are abroad and your card was lost/stolen/damaged, we offer you emergency services:
    - emergency cash advance: cash is provided upon your specific request (min USD 100);
    - emergency card replacement: upon your request, a replacement card is delivered quickly to you, to use it for POS payments;
    - virtual payment concierge: instead of receiving the replacement card or cash, a one-time "card not present" transaction is coordinated with the merchant (merchant categories: hotels, restaurants, car rental, medical services)
    - lost/stolen report: if your card was lost or stolen, urgently contact us to report the event; this way you will not be held responsible for any unothorized card transaction;

All emergency services mentioned above are available 24h, 7 days/week by dialling + 40 21.304.81.00.