• You can perform all the banking operations you need:

  • cash receipts/deposits in RON or foreign currency
  • transfers to the accounts opened at Banca Romaneasca or other banks from within the country or abroad, by bank orders in RON and foreign currency
    Commissions options - regarding the foreign currency payments you can choose one of the following options:
    - the payer (sender of the payment) will bear all of the payment transaction fees (including any correspondent/intermediary banks fees). The beneficiary (recipient of the payment) will not pay any payment fees and receive the full amount of the payment.
    (beneficiary) - the beneficiary (recipient of the payment) will incur all of the payment transaction fees (payer's bank commission, as well as the correspondent/intermediary banks fees). Typically, the recipient will receive the payment minus the transfer charges. The payer (sender of the payment) will not pay any payment fees.
    (shared) - the payer (sender of the payment) will pay all fees charged by the sending bank. The beneficiary (recipient of the payment) will pay all fees charged by the receiving bank, including the intermediary bank/banks fees. The recipient will receive the payment minus any correspondent/intermediary fees. Typically, a payment with option SHA 9at issuing bank) becomes a payment with option BEN at beneficiary/intermediary bank.
    All payments issued in the currency of an EU member states, will always be processed on a SHARED basis (with SHA option).
    The payments within EU and interbank in Romania in USD are made through US (intermediary) banks that are not subject to EU regulations, so that all payments in USD under SHA option are charged by the correspondent/intermediary banks and the related fees will be deducted from the amount paid. Therefore, the payments in USD can be issued with option OUR, so that the American (intermediary) bank will not deduct any fees from the amount paid.
  • creation and settlement of term deposits
  • currency exchange operations (no fee)
  • cash depositions and withdrawals depending on your needs
  • You can opt for attaching a debit card and have permanent access to your money, and by means of the Internet Banking service, E-mybank, you can check the account balance and perform all the operations you want at reduced costs
  • You have Direct Debit and Scheduled Payments Orders (Standing Order by Internet Banking) services that offer you the possibility to automatically pay your bills and to schedule your regular payments aptly and without delays in payment
  • Amounts deposited in accounts opened with Banca Romaneasca are guaranteed by the Romanian Bank Deposit Guarantee Fund, within the ceiling of EUR 100.000 per guaranteed depositor per credit institution communicated by the Fund.

Please be informed that, in accordance with the provisions of Law 311/2015 regarding the Banking Deposit Guarantee Schemes and Banking Deposit Guarantee Fund and the Regulation no.1 of the Banking Deposit Guarantee Fund in force as of 7th of January 2016, the financial institutions are obliged to inform customers about the guarantee scheme through the "Form for information offered to depositors" - Annex 1 which you can access here.
Through the Law 311/2015, it was also changed the List of deposits excluded from the guarantee scheme - Annex 1 which you can access here.

Banca Romaneasca puts at your disposal a new option regarding account statements

Now, you can receive current account statements on your e-mail address, monthly for individuals and daily for legal entities.

In order to activate this option please download and fill in the form "Application for e-xtras"*. Please deposit the form with any branch of Banca Romaneasca in order to activate this option.

The transmission of the account statement is free of any charge and it becomes active the next day after the form is deposited with the bank branches.

When you choose this option you will enjoy:

  • Time saving - you do not go to the bank anymore to take the account statements
  • Easy management - you can easily archive the electronic account statements (format.pdf)
  • Avoid misplacement of the account statements - you avoid the wrong postal transfer of disappearance from the postal box
  • Confidentiality of transfer - the statements are sent only to the e-mail address indicated by you

* The form is not valid for activating the option on credit cards, in this case the signing of an addendum to the loan contract being required. For details, please contact the branch you signed the loan agreement with