Choose the cashing of salary in account and you'll enjoy a package of benefits!

In one monthly fee only (considering the gfeatures of the payroll package) you'll get:

…Additionally you have …..

  • Permanent access to the available funds in the account - no fee for cash withdrawals at Banca Romaneasca ATMs;
  • Possibility to pay for your shopping at merchants POSs - No fee;
  • Interest rate discounts for lending products for as long as you get your salary on the card;
  • Bonus interest for term deposits in RON set up in the branch;

  • Access from distance to your salary directly from the current account, without using the card, through the Internet banking service;
  • Reduced fees for the transactions made through Internet Banking;
  • Dedicated bank officer from the branch.

To find more about "salary benefits packages", call 021 408 08 08 or send your message to

For existing clients that hold an account Package Easy Access, the bank will apply an annual interest rate of 0,00% per year.