The Relaxed Loan

You feel more relaxed when you take a loan with smaller interest.

House Loan

Do you want to buy an apartment or a house? This is the right time! Come to Banca Romaneasca and take your house loan!

Relaxed Loans for Refinancing

Use with trust the Refinancing Formula from Banca Romaneasca.

The Loan for All

What you choose is WHAT you pay!


Secured consumer loan

Do you want to renovate your house or do you want to travel around the world? Apply now for a Secured Consumer Loan from Banca Românească.

The Smart Card

A modern, secure and flexible payment tool that gives you access to a personal credit limit in LEI on unlimited period.

Overdraft facility

Do you want to have a money reserve for unexpected expenses? We offer a simple solution: the Overdraft facility.