Interest rates

Product IRCC Value (%) Margin (%) Variable Interest Rate (%) OCT (%)
Mortgage loan - with salary cashing* 4,06 3,00* 7,06 7,60
Mortgage loan - without salary cashing 4,06 3,50 7,56 8,13

APR is calculated for a 250.000 RON loan, for 30 years tenor.

The interest rate is revised quaterly on January 1st, April 1st, June 1st, October 1st, based on the reference index IRCC calculated by NBR at the end of each quarter and published on NBR website on last working day of each quarter.

For a loan of 250.000 RON, on 30 years, with salary/pension cashing* at BROM, the monthly installment is 1.673,34 RON, OCT 7,6%, total payable value 618.343,78 RON.

* including for the clients that have an account package and cash at least 2.000 lei monthly in the account related to the package


File analysis fee 0 - with salary cashing
500 - without salary cashing
Monthly administration fee 0,00%
Early pre-payment fee 0,00%
Unique fee for services 500

Other Costs paid by the client

  • Insurance policy - the cost can be different depending on the insured amount and/or depending on the insurance company that concludes the insurance policy
  • Registration fee to the National Register for Security Publicity - 87,6 RON
  • Fees and taxes practiced by the Public notaries - the fees and taxes charged can be different depending on the Public notary that authenticates the mortgage contract
  • The collateral appraisal cost - will be paid by the client before the disbursement of the loan. The cost is charged by the Evaluation companies agreed by the bank: 490 RON for apartments and 630 RON for houses.