Did you do your financial calculations and the result is not desirable? Use with trust the Refinancing Formula from Banca Romaneasca and the result is simple: the Secured Consumer Loan for Refinancing.

  • We refinance you any type of credit facilities
  • You pay one installment, monthly, which can be smaller than the amount you pay for all your loans
  • You can get an additional amount which you can use as you wish
  • You can have more types of incomes (salaries, pensions, commissions, incomes from liberal professions, copyrights etc.)
  • The real estate (apartment, house) that represents the guarantee can be owned by you or other person
  • Monthly administration fee: 0%
  • Early pre-payment fee: 0%
  • Lower interest rates if you choose an account package and cash at least 2.000 lei monthly
Characteristics RON
Minimum amount 20.000
Maximum amount 500.000
Maximum tenor - up to 25 years if only loans granted before 31st of October 2011 are refinanced
- up to 5 years if loans granted after 31st of October 2011 are refinanced or/and additional amounts are granted