Interest rate:

Currency Reference index Reference index value (%) Margin(%) Variable interest rate(%) DAE*
IRCC 2.44 8.00 10.44 10.95%

The interest rate is revised quaterly on January 1st, April 1st, June 1st, October 1st, based on the reference index IRCC calculated by NBR at the end of each quarter and published on NBR website on last working day of each quarter.


File analysis fee 0 RON
Monthly administration fee 0%
Unique fee for services 0 RON

Rough calculation example, considering the entire use of a 5,367 lei credit limit and a 3 month reimbursement period:

Variable interest* APR* Total payment amount
IRCC (2.44%) + margin (8.00%) = 10.44% 10.95% 5,460.65 lei

*Both annual interest rate and effective annual interest rate are calculated based on IRCC value from 2020, March 31, which modifies quarterly. The values of the reference index are available on Banca Romaneasca website.