Do you want to modernize or to refurnish your house? Do you want to travel around the world? Do you want a new car? Would you like a summer house?

If your answer is yes, then apply now for a Secured Consumer Loan from Banca Românească.

  • You get a large amount of money and you do not have to justify it
  • The real estate (apartment, house) that represents the guarantee can be owned by you or other person
  • You can have more types of incomes (salaries, pensions, commissions, incomes from liberal professions, copyrights etc.)
  • Monthly administration fee: 0%
  • Early pre-payment fee: 0%
  • Lower interest rates if you receive your salary or pension in an account opened with our bank or choose an account package and cash at least 2.000 lei monthly
Characteristics RON
Minimum amount 35.001
Maximum amount 336.000
Maximum tenor 60 months