What do I need to know when I recieve money?

The receiver goes to any Banca Romaneasca branch location or to any branch of the partner banks: Vlasor Impex, Adriatica & Company, Regavo, Interstil, Roco Exchange, Lorkims, Recama, Optim Exchange, Capital Intermed Group, Quantum Exchange, ADHT Exchange, 99 USD Exchange, Silv-Ghe Exchange, Catalin Exchange and Exeddus Exchange. There, he/she should submit a valid ID document with photography (e.g.: ID card - for residents; passport, ID card for European Union citizens - for non-resident etc.).

The receiver must:

  • know the transfer control number - MTCN (this element is mandatory),
  • know the name and surname of the sender,
  • know the transferred amount, as well as the transfer origin (country from where the transfer was initiated).
  • communicate verbally to the operator the elements needed to process the transaction, will mention the full name on the ACR receipt and on the Western Union Service terms and conditions and sign these two documents. After that, he/she can cash the transferred amount in EURO sau RON.