What do I need to know about sending money?

To send money, the sender has to go to any Banca Romaneasca branch location or to any branch of the partner banks: Vlasor Impex, Regavo, Interstil, Roco Exchange, Lorkims, Recama, Optim Exchange, Capital Intermed Group, Quantum Exchange, ADHT Exchange, 99 USD Exchange, Silv-Ghe Exchange, Catalin Exchange and Exeddus Exchange.

The sender must:

  • know the exact and complete name and surname of the receiver,
  • know the transaction destination
  • have a valid ID with photography (e.g.: ID card - for residents; passport, ID card for European Union citizens - for non-resident etc.).
  • communicate to the operator, verbally, the elements needed to process the transaction
  • hand over the amount to be transferred
  • pay a fee for this service. The fee depends on the transferred amount, the currency (Euro or Ron), the destination (Romania or abroad), is charged only to the sender and its level is mentioned in the section "Commissions".

Information regarding the transfer data is communicated verbally by the customer and is entered into the Western Union system by the WU operator. The client will sign the ACR receipt and, finally, a copy of the form (Copy-client) will remain at his/her disposal, and the second copy (Copy-agent) will be kept at the bank and will be archived.

The maximum amount which can be sent through Western Union service is the equivalent of 10,000 dolars in Euro and Ron (the exchange rate will be Western Union rate).

For the amounts exceeding the equivalent of 7,500 dolars in Euro or Ron, the sender must submit documents proving the emergency of transfer.