With "Avans Net" term deposit you are clearly in advantage .

  • You benefit of net interest, no tax and you get it in advance, when opening the deposit
  • No cash withdrawal fee when you withdraw the interest at deposit opening date, for deposits with maturity over 180 days (included)
  • No cash withdrawal fee applied for closing the deposit at maturity, for deposits with maturity over 180 days (included)
  • Deposits opened with Banca Romaneasca are guaranteed by the Bank Deposit Guarantee Fund, within the ceiling of EUR 100.000 per guaranteed depositor per credit institution communicated by the Fund

Please be informed that, in accordance with the provisions of Law 311/2015 regarding the Banking Deposit Guarantee Schemes and Banking Deposit Guarantee Fund, the financial institutions are obliged to inform customers about the guarantee scheme and the deposits excepted from the guarantee -these information can be accessed here.