• Available over the banks' counters for customers accepting the "Active Pension" package

  • Currency: RON/ EUR/ USD

  • Minimum amount: RON 300, EUR/USD 100

  • Table of interest rates (% p.y.):

    Period RON EUR USD
    120 days 2,05 0,20 0,55
    180 days 2,55 0,20 0,60
    365 days 3,15 0,35 0,95

    Good to know!

  • Interest rate is expressed in percentage per year

  • You have the option to appoint up to two empowered persons to operate on your deposit

  • Interest rate is subject to income tax, based on the regulations into force

  • In case of liquidation before maturity, the interest accumulated over the entire period of the deposit is calculated considering the number of days elapsed from creation date by applying differentiated interest rates and the Bank will pay:

    • 0% if the deposit has not been renewed at least once


    • If the deposit has been renewed at least once, the interest rate valid at the date of deposit liquidation for 30, 60 or 90 days standard term deposits, on condition that the number of days elapsed from the renewal date until the early liquidation date is greater than 30 days. In case the number of days is lower or equal to 30 days, the standard interest rate applied is 0%.