You can tell a reliable deposit by its interest rate

We believe in long-term friendships and in savings products to measure. Because when you choose to deposit your money with Banca Romaneasca, you give us your trust. And we reward it. Always.

The advantages of the Progressive Deposit:

  • The progressive interest rate increases each month. Your patience is rewarded with an interest rate of up to 3.79% p.a./RON or 2.10% p.a./EUR
  • You save money based on your financial plans, in RON or EUR
  • Flexible minimum sum, starting with 1.500 RON or 500 EUR
  • You can opt for multiple deposits with different amounts and currencies at the same time
  • ZERO cash-withdrawal fee at the deposit's due date for the amount deposited and all accrued interest

Deposits opened with Banca Româneasca are guaranteed by The Bank Deposit Guarantee Fund in the Romanian Banking System, up to a maximum sum of EUR 100.000 or its equivalent in RON, per depositor.

Please be informed that, in accordance with the provisions of Law 311/2015 regarding the Banking Deposit Guarantee Schemes and Banking Deposit Guarantee Fund, financial institutions are obligated to inform customers about the guarantee scheme and the deposits exempted from the guarantee. This information can be accessed here.